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Total Environment Workcations is an upcoming project in Yelahanka, Bangalore Get Total Environment Workcations Brochure, Floorplan & Masterplan, Pricesheet
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High Quality of construction
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High Quality of construction

Total Environment Workcations - Amenities

  • 24 Hrs Running Water
    24 Hrs Running Water
  • 24/7 Security
    24/7 Security
  • Basketball Court
    Basketball Court
  • Bike Track
    Bike Track
  • CCTV Camera
    CCTV Camera
  • Community Garden
    Community Garden
  • Gym
  • Indoor Games
    Indoor Games
  • Jogging Track
    Jogging Track
  • Library
  • Maintenance Staff
    Maintenance Staff
  • Outdoor Sports Facilities
    Outdoor Sports Facilities
  • Party Hall
    Party Hall
  • Power Backup
    Power Backup
  • Rain Water Harvesting
    Rain Water Harvesting
  • Sewage Treatment
    Sewage Treatment
  • Surface Car Park
    Surface Car Park
  • Swimming Pool
    Swimming Pool

Total Environment Workcations is a commercial office space concept that combines work and leisure, offering a range of amenities to enhance productivity, comfort, and work-life balance. Here are some of the amenities typically offered by Total Environment Workcations:

1. Fully Furnished Offices: The office spaces at Total Environment Workcations are fully furnished and equipped with modern furniture, ergonomic workstations, and essential office infrastructure. This allows businesses to move in seamlessly without the hassle of setting up an office from scratch.

2. High-Speed Internet: To ensure uninterrupted connectivity, Total Environment Workcations provides high-speed internet access throughout the premises. This enables businesses to work efficiently, collaborate online, and stay connected with clients and colleagues.

3. Meeting and Conference Rooms: Workcations offers well-designed meeting rooms and conference facilities equipped with audio-visual technology and presentation tools. These spaces are suitable for conducting meetings, brainstorming sessions, client presentations, and training programs.

4. Lounge Areas and Breakout Zones: Total Environment Workcations understands the importance of relaxation and fostering creativity. The spaces are designed to include comfortable lounge areas and breakout zones where occupants can take a break, socialize, and recharge.

5. Cafeteria and Refreshment Facilities: Workcations provides on-site cafeterias or refreshment areas where occupants can grab a quick snack, enjoy a cup of coffee, or have informal discussions with colleagues. These facilities promote networking and collaboration among the occupants.

6. Fitness and Wellness Amenities: Some Workcations centers may offer fitness and wellness amenities to promote a healthy lifestyle. This may include a gymnasium, yoga or meditation rooms, or even access to nearby fitness centers.

7. Secure Access and 24/7 Security: Total Environment Workcations ensures the safety and security of its occupants by implementing strict access control systems and round-the-clock security measures. This provides a secure working environment and peace of mind.

8. Housekeeping and Maintenance Services: Workcations centers typically provide regular housekeeping and maintenance services to maintain a clean and well-maintained working environment. This allows occupants to focus on their work without worrying about the upkeep of the premises.

9. Parking Facilities: Total Environment Workcations usually offers ample parking space for occupants and their visitors. This ensures convenient and hassle-free parking for those who commute to the office.

10. Collaborative Spaces and Networking Opportunities: Workcations understands the value of collaboration and networking. Some centers may have dedicated collaborative spaces, common areas, or even host networking events to foster connections and collaborations among the occupants.

These amenities create a conducive and productive work environment for businesses and professionals, promoting work-life balance and enhancing the overall work experience at Total Environment Workcations.

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