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Total Environment Workcations is an upcoming project in Yelahanka, Bangalore Get Total Environment Workcations Brochure, Floorplan & Masterplan, Pricesheet
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Total Environment Workcations - Location

#23, Sir M Visvesvaraya Inst Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562157

  • Area:Yelahanka, Whitefield
  • City:bangalore
  • State:karnataka
  • Country:India
  • Zip Code:562157

Yelahanka and Whitefield are two prominent and rapidly developing areas in Bangalore, India. Both areas have witnessed significant growth in recent years, attracting residents, businesses, and investors. Let's explore each area and their surroundings in more detail:


Yelahanka is a well-established residential locality located in the northern part of Bangalore. It is known for its peaceful ambiance, greenery, and excellent connectivity to major parts of the city. Here are some key features and attractions of Yelahanka:

1. Residential Hub: Yelahanka has emerged as a popular residential hub due to its serene environment, wide range of housing options, and proximity to essential amenities. It offers a mix of independent houses, apartments, and gated communities to cater to diverse housing needs.

2. Connectivity: Yelahanka enjoys excellent connectivity to the rest of Bangalore. It is well-connected to the Kempegowda International Airport, which is located nearby. The presence of Yelahanka Railway Station ensures convenient access to different parts of the city.

3. Educational Institutions: The area is home to several renowned educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and professional institutes. This makes Yelahanka an attractive choice for families with children.

4. Shopping and Entertainment: Yelahanka provides residents with various shopping options, including local markets, supermarkets, and shopping malls. It also has recreational facilities such as parks, sports complexes, and entertainment centers.


Whitefield is a major IT and residential hub located in the eastern part of Bangalore. It has witnessed rapid growth in recent years, transforming into a bustling neighborhood with a mix of residential and commercial developments. Here are some highlights of Whitefield:

1. IT Hub: Whitefield is known as the IT hub of Bangalore, housing numerous multinational IT companies, tech parks, and corporate offices. This has led to a significant influx of professionals seeking job opportunities, resulting in a thriving residential market.

2. Residential Options: Whitefield offers a wide range of residential options, including apartments, villas, and gated communities. Many residential projects in Whitefield are equipped with modern amenities, making it an attractive choice for homebuyers.

3. Connectivity: Whitefield enjoys good connectivity to other parts of Bangalore through various arterial roads, such as the Outer Ring Road and Old Madras Road. The upcoming Namma Metro extension to Whitefield is expected to further enhance connectivity.

4. Retail and Entertainment: Whitefield is home to several shopping malls, multiplexes, and entertainment centers. Residents have easy access to a wide range of retail outlets, restaurants, and recreational facilities.


Both Yelahanka and Whitefield are surrounded by various amenities and attractions, including:

1. Healthcare Facilities: There are several hospitals and healthcare centers in and around Yelahanka and Whitefield, ensuring residents have access to quality medical care.

2. Educational Institutions: The areas are dotted with renowned educational institutions, including international schools, colleges, and universities, offering excellent educational opportunities.

3. Natural Attractions: Yelahanka and Whitefield are located in proximity to scenic spots and nature parks, providing residents with opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.

4. Shopping and Entertainment: There are numerous shopping malls, multiplexes, restaurants, and recreational centers in the vicinity, offering a range of options for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

In summary, Yelahanka and Whitefield are thriving areas in Bangalore, known for their residential developments, connectivity, and proximity to essential amenities. Whether it's the serene environment of Yelahanka or the bustling IT hub of Whitefield, both areas offer a desirable lifestyle for residents and attract businesses and investors alike.

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